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to the set with john bussey. we are looking at how the jobs we in the private sector are shaping up. gear shaping up to be the biggest gain since february, a very big and important move. if you get a paper paycheck, their name could be at bottom it, private sector numbers, obviously, and it is one that we obviously watched to predict what going on. they recently redid how they figures this out and trying to make it look like labor department numbers. >>shepard: the markets liked what it heard, we are up triple digits. >>gerri: the new york stock exchange c.e.o. trying to get everything back on track and they are using backup generators down this, so, having a few issues, traders still having trouble with cell phones internet access and we will see how it goes and hopefully it will be under control soon. >>shepard: i cannot keep my eyes off these photos coming in. this is in queens at the rockaways, eight or nine miles from that place at breezy point where the houses burned, the rockaways you may remember there was a bad plane crash william after the attacks of 9/11 when we were skittish a
to new york city and john f. kennedy and la guardia and got a look of the entire area and we had the county responders down here if atlantic city and we have politicians flying around later on today up in the new jersey and new york area so they can get a damage assessment and a look at what needs to be done first. >>shepard: what is your thinking on big picture here? >>guest: the amount of sand and destruction and debris in the coastal towns it will take weeks to get back on their feet. quite a bit of damage. >>shepard: people will have a hard time getting around but it seems almost impossible they would be able to get power to some of those places because you cannot get there. >>guest: there are barrier islands that have bridges that lead to town shut down so just getting people to begin work will not start for a long period. >>shepard: the coast guard is used to seeing damages in places all over the country, what is your take away? did you ever imagine anything like this was possible here? >>guest: after all the years living in florida, no, but after back-to-back years, it is
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)